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Stealth camping uk

Stealth camping is the art of camping out or temporarily living out in places hidden, without detection. It is the covert nature of stealth camping which enhances its appeal and excitement! Also known as Guerrilla camping it spans two main types of camping, van and wild camping. Both methods of stealth camping allow you to explore amazing places in an intimate way. Stealth camping funnels you into embracing the surrounding environment for experiences and entertainment. A major appeal of stealth camping is it allows you to get one up on the system!

Living away from modern infrastructure and having freedom from the grid can be a liberating experience. Stealth camping can free us from being forced into expensive accommodation to see exciting places.

This gives us the freedom to go where we want, when we want. Most of the time stealth camping is not about economics. Stealth camping is a method of self sufficiency which gives us independence on the move. For this reason stealth camping is embraced by survivalists, preppers, homesteaders, travellers, touring cyclists, wild campers, bushcrafters, and hikers.

This type of camping requires a certain level or planning, skill and equipment refinement to make successful trips.

The process of mastering this and implementing it into expeditions is one of the real joys of stealth camping. Van campers vary in their motivations for stealth camping.

There is also a very wide range of sophistication when it comes to van set ups. Some van set ups are simply a box van with a sleeping bag while others sport the latest camper van. Whatever a set up the ambition is the same! To be as free as possible to explore and survive at little cost on the open road. Property prices are now out of reach for many young people! With homelessness on the rise many are turning to time on the road to save money or even live!

Some campers have found ingenious ways to convert standard commercial vehicles into stunning mobile homes. This has become a discipline within its own right! Whether you like the idea of travelling across your country or just a mini vacation! Stealth camping in a van is a cheap and exciting way to explore new places. Camping on foot is a similar concept to van camping but without any mode of transport to live in. These stealth campers are usually had core wilderness campers and survival experts.

Not only does stealth camping give access to wild places it is a test of military concealment and strategy. Stealth camping on foot can be a covert survival operation not just in rural places but also urban.

stealth camping uk

Ultimately stealth camping is about slipping between the fabric of modern society surviving on the edge. Urban stealth camping can facilitate waste ground and industrial environments for places to stay. This can be useful for exploring cities on a budget or practicing urban survival! Most modern urbanites have little or no ability to live off the grid or survive a crisis.

This is why stealth camping in general is so popular amongst doomsday preppers and military survival enthusiasts. In such collapses in infrastructure most people would die unless they journeyed to rural places. This gives urban stealth camping on foot its extra relevance and excitement. Most of the time stealth campers have more of an interest in more wild locations to camp.

This is where preppers, survivalists and wild campers come together.

stealth camping,, wild camping in a small woodland using my geertop bivvi tent.

In many cases especially the UK wild camping in suitable forests is illegal without permission. Gaining permission is possible but locating the land owner in the first place can be difficult.Please read our disclosure and privacy policy for more information. A big part of van life is learning how to stealth camp.

Stealth camping can have a couple of different meanings. Some van lifers live in cities, where they escape unaffordable rent by living inside their vans. This means they have to find a place to safely park every single night, without getting caught. Usually, sleeping in a vehicle on city streets is illegal.

Do you love van life and campervans? Join our free Facebook community group. This white cargo van from Hey Voyager makes the perfect stealth camper. We felt especially safe when we slept in our Prius, because who would guess two people were sleeping in there? Think a van an electrician or a plumber would use. Old conversion vans like my Chevy Astro are also great as a stealth camper.

I once spoke to a gym manager here in San Francisco who lives in a small sedan with his girlfriend and dog.

stealth camping uk

Every night, they park late and leave early. The lesson attention you can draw to yourself, the better. Even though my van is over 20 years old, I keep it in excellent condition when stealth camping! It always seemed really easy to pick them out from the crowd of parked cars. My Chevy Astro is over 20 years old, and I try to keep it washed and sparkling clean when stealth camping.

We rarely spend more than two nights in the same place. He felt so exposed lying there in the back hatch.Thanks for visiting Bushgear. Remember - delivery is free to all UK addresses! When most people think about camping, images of fields of white caravans and tents, arranged in a closely knit grid with people, melting ice creams, pets and children running amok. However, camping does not have to be like this.

Over the past 20 years, a new style of camping has gained momentum. Stealth camping, also referred to as wild camping, is when one goes into a "wild" or deserted location, far from the madding crowd. Once there, one pitches one's tent, hammock or other shelter and proceeds to enjoy nature "al fresco", as it was meant to be taken in. This sounds great in practice but wild camping poses certain practical problems, which need to be addressed, before setting out.

We will now have a look at how a successful wild camping trip could be planned and executed. In much of the developed world we will be using the UK as an example herethe majority of land is privately owned. Therefore, technically, you will need to gain the landowner's permission, to be able to stay overnight in most locations.

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There are some exceptions, namely Dartmoor National Park in Devon, where the right to camp overnight is entrenched in local bye law. Also, in Scotland, there is a right to wild camp on most "public" land above metres sea level. So, how does one start? Well, first, you will need to find a location that has "wild camping" potential. There are two or three ways this can be achieved. First, word of mouth! Join a club, look at social media sites and talk to people.

This is probably the easiest and best way to find good spots. Second, go out exploring in woodlands, hills, moors, on the coast, lakes and valleys. You never know when you will stumble across a great wild camping location, hidden behind a thicket, hedge, coppice or rock outcrop. Finally, check google maps and google earth. Find your home on the map and then start zooming out until you find a suitably deserted looking spot. Try and find places as far away from paths, roads and buildings as possible.

As well as finding remote areas, these programs will give you an understanding of the topography of the area, which in turn, will give you a better chance of finding a suitable nook. If you want to add a modern twist to your adventures, try plotting your new found location, on a GPS device.

This is all the more advisable if your map reading skill are not up to scratch. That way, you will always have a good idea of where you are.

We would recommend you plot the location of your vehicle or entrance point, so you can always get back to where you started. Once you have found your spot, go there for a day trip if possible. This will enable you to scout out the area in the daytime, so there is less chance of any nasty surprises, just in case you have missed anything critical out on the map. Also, if possible, this will give you the chance of approaching the land owner. Personally, I have had varied luck with this direct approach but knowing you will not be kicked of the land at am is definitely reassuring and certainly more relaxing.

A friend of mine used this approach and was actually given permission to camp AND shoot on the land! He has been going to the same spot for 6 years now! On the flip side, you could be told to get lost! In all honesty though, being upfront is generally the best policy. Another way to wild camp is to employ full stealth mode.

This involves not being seen, heard or smelt. An understanding of camouflage may also be useful.Long-distance walking and wild camping in the UK. Follow me on Twitter: wildwalkingUK. So they have all been well tested. They all have fairly small footprints which is important to consider, as that makes it easier to find a suitable pitch.

They are also low so they can be tucked away out of sight if you need to camp near civilisation never ideal but sometimes unavoidable — see my 11 wild camping rules.

The inner can also be left attached to the fly, saving time and energy when pitching or striking camp. I always leave them together. There is a noticeable size difference in the tents when they are in their bags, as you can see in the photograph above. This is mainly down to the thickness of the materials they are made from. They are all stuffed in their bags similarly, except for the Photon which is fairly loosely packed and could easily be put in a smaller bag.

The Nordisk Telemark 1 weight is for the carbon-poled ULW version of the tent, which is about 60g lighter than the alloy-poled LW version. The links will take you to the new model.

stealth camping uk

The tents are all stable in strong winds. I would be happy using any of them in normal UK winter conditions, unless heavy snow was expected. The only exception is the Terra Nova Laser Pulse which is better suited to dry weather or single nights out, because condensation can be a real problem in this tent if conditions are unfavourable. The Nordisk Telemark 1 and 2 are best for cold weather and winter use. They have very little mesh on the inner tent so they are warmer, but this does cause more condensation.

They are too warm for mid summer, unless you leave the doors open all night. They have more mesh on the inner tents and you can also vary the air flow by adjusting the vents to suit the weather. This helps temperature control and improved ventilation means less trouble with condensation. The Terra Nova Laser Pulse is more roomy than its weight and pack size would suggest.

All the tents are a similar length. However, the design of the tent has an impact on the way the inner hangs near the sleeping bag.April 12, Take nothing but pictures, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time.

Aaahhh, the great outdoors. You can't beat it. Old or young, camping is both mentally and physically uplifting for all members of the family.

How To Go Wild Camping In The UK

Pitching your family tent on a deluxe camp site with hot showers and all the amenities is a home from home with the benefits of the wild open spaces and fresh air. Or at least that's what it is for some people. So why on earth would you want to go Wild Campingwhere you have none of the campsite luxuries at all? No fresh running water, no toilets, no showers! Well, I go wild camping to actually get away from those luxuries - to test my bushcraft skills and my prepping equipment, as well as just getting away from everything and everyone.

I find an incredible peacefulness when I'm out, in the back of beyond away from the madness. If I could live in the wild I would, and wild camping is the nearest I get to doing exactly that - I suggest to everyone that you try WIld Camping at least once in your life. Me, wild camping and getting away from it all.! As you progress, you will find that you can manage on less and less equipment, maybe substituting your cosy tent for a tarp and bivvy bag.

I try different things out each time I Wild Camp and I always learn something new. Whether by yourself or with friends, and especially with children, it's always a very good experience. Skip to comment form. I am about to embark on my first wild camp with my 15 year old son. I have researched Hallin Fell in Lakes for our first one night camp. Can anyone advise if Hallin Fell is suitable for a first camp.

How To Stealth Camp | Rucksack Setup and Equipment You Need

If you want a good place to wild camp try the old railway routes round Norfolk. You can go all over Norfolk via these old rail lines. If you have the time try peddles way then the north Norfolk coastal path.Testing out the stealth camper on the Honister Pass in the Lake District.

Ready to become a campervan. This gives you an area at the front for anything you might want to get at in the night.

Remove the three back seats. Fill the boxes with your outdoors gear. Self-inflating mattresses on the boxes. Leave them slightly under-inflated during the day, so they can be folded out of the way. At night, simply roll out and inflate on top of the boxes. Now you can sleep full-length in the back without removing all your camping gear. A comfortable double bed.

Our choice for sleeping bags, by the way because they double up as blankets or wraps are the Vaude Navajo range. Tilt the seats for more legroom. Seats up gives you space behind for luggage. UV-protection and a decent size. Camping in a stealthy mini-campervan aka a Berlingo. No need for stealth at Howgill Lodge campsite, though! It was warm, cosy and comfortable, though the gale-force winds on the Honister Pass blew some of our underwear out of the suitcase and sandblasted the side of the car with gravel.

The same car camping method could work in other types of car and people-carrier. Sliding doors, good head height, removable seats and a flattish floor are the main factors. A bit of research should turn up four boxes that will fit the space. We weigh nine stone and 14 stone and the boxes hold us with no problem.

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We bought a smallish Dometic compressor fridge. This fits behind the seat. If you need a larger fridge, you can replace one of the boxes with the fridge itself. The Dometic CFX35 fits nicely in the back in place of one box with room for ventilation.

You can still use a mattress at this side, providing this is the leg end. Make yourself some thermal silver window blinds for the side windows by cutting a standard windscreen blind to the right size. Sew on hooks to fix suction cups. Another ideal upgrade — leave out two boxes and find a sturdy camping table with telescopic legs that will fit widthways at the rear, over the fridge and any gear you need to get at easily.

Heights of cm. Uquip aluminium adjustable table. Fully adjustable height cm, but only takes 30kg. Camp in your car? Folding smartphone and tablet travel chargersand an international set too. Very neat. A Samsonite or Reisenthel toilet bag for hanging in the trees. Capacious and sturdy. A Joseph and Joseph sink for washing faces and dishes.

One of our funniest bits of kit A waterproof toilet roll holder with built-in light flashing option!At its most basic, a duvet or sleeping bag is all you need. You can park up almost anywhere more on that later or disappear into remote spots for some wild camping.

Why have an expensive, rarely used campervan or motorhome on the driveway when you can convert your car in the twinkling of an eye? Find yourself in new places, be amazed at how well you can manage on very little, enjoy the satisfaction of designing your own space. In fact, if you have a very small car, you might struggle. Fancy waking up to this view? The ideal is a car with removable backseats and a more-or-less flat floor.

Read how we did that in a Berlingo. They come out too. Why or why did Skoda stop making this car? Cars with big hatchbacks are much more suited to camping than those with a basic boot.

A more expensive mattress for the boot of the car, but it has side bumpers to cover the wheelarches. It comes with a 12V pump and stows away to just 25 x 22 x 10cm. Have a look at our favourites in our camping mats guide. The boxes give you space for all your stuff and form a base for your mattress.

Camp in your car? Here’s how!

Four storage boxes with air mattresses on top. Very comfy too. Ikea boxes are good, though test for sturdiness. The litre boxes are also perfect in the Berlingo. We do like sleeping bag hybrids, though, because they give you lots of options. The double can be turned into two single bags.

Both work as a flat duvet. Skandika Vegas sleeping pod. The Highlander pod. Lots more comfy camping mats in our guide too. Go for self-inflating if you can. A mattress topper is another option, but check you can fold it up, as some can be bulky.

There are plenty of sizes and thicknesses to choose from in unbranded memory mattresses that you could then cover with a sheet.

Get yourself a couple of packable, but super-comfy memory foam travel pillows. Gorgeous — especially our favourite breathable bamboo-cover ones. If you have a sunroof, open it up a little.

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No sunroof? Leave a window open a bit. Slip it over the open door so that it covers the window.

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There are lots of options to choose from — from fairylights that will give you atmosphere to bright reading lights. We also like this foldable lampwhich we use at home as well as on the road. It has three brightness settings and is touch sensitive, all in a neat, adjustable package for around a fiver.

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